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Law Enforcers or Peace Officers

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Carlos Gonzalez says getting home to his ranch off highway 83 just north of Laredo means having to battle border patrol agents. “It's just harassment in its purest form out there.” He says he's been tailgated and followed onto his property for no apparent reason, not once but twice this week. “This is the second time in four days, four days apart I’ve had these incidents." He says this adds to a list of other instances over the past few months. On Monday night he was even maced, after asking an agent to leave his property.

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Rawstory VIDEO

On the night of August 1, at a Walmart, Virginia Dodson could not remember why she was sitting alone in a car. It dawned on her that she did not know how to unbuckle her seat belt either. Panic began to take hold.

Her solution was to scrounge up a steak knife and cut through the straps, eventually finding her way into the confusing world of the parking lot, still wielding the blade.


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Arizona Daily Star

Tribal police officers do not have the same authority to stop and question non-Indians traveling on state roads within the reservation as they do tribal members, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday. The judges said roadblocks set up on state roads are permissible — but only to the extent the stop is limited to determine if the person is an Indian.  

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Washinton Post

In place of search warrants issued by a judge, ICE agents carry administrative warrants issued by one of their own officials that require that they "knock and talk" to gain entry into a home, a policy often abused.

The Cardozo study examined 700 arrests between 2006 and 2008 on Long Island and in New Jersey and found that agents said they had not received informed consent to enter the homes in 86 percent of the Long Island cases and 24 percent of the New Jersey ones.

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The Agitator

The plaintiff was suing under federal civil rights statutes after a [Arizona] police officer stopped and arrested him, apparently in retaliation for a series of obscenities the plaintiff had earlier directed at the cop.   Andrew Sullivan finds an eloquent opinion from federal appeals court judge Alex Kozinski.

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Smoking Gun

Here is the police report detailing the confrontation between Harvard professor Henry Gates and Cambridge cops, who were condemned by President Barack Obama for acting "stupidly" in arresting the African-American scholar. Cops responded to Gates's house after neighbor Lucia Whalen reported spotting "two black males with backpacks" trying to gain entry to the home (Gates, returning home from a trip overseas, and his driver were contending with a stuck front door). The Cambridge Police Department reports, authored by Sergeant James Crowley and Officer James Figueroa, quote an incensed Gates yelling, "This is what happens to black men in America!," and, when asked by Crowley to speak with him outside the residence, Gates replied, "ya, I'll speak with your mama outside." A disorderly conduct rap was filed against Gates, but quickly dropped by prosecutors. Gates is reportedly considering legal action against the Cambridge polic

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NY Times

There is nothing in the equipment room to give an officer thicker skin.

That tool — as vital to an officer’s safety and the public’s as anything clipped to his belt — is developed in training, and its strength differs from one officer to the next.

The issue of tolerance, in fact, lies at the heart of the dispute surrounding the arrest of the Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. in Cambridge, Mass.

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BOLT of California

[Condensed to fit] ...We were asked by a few motorcyclists to help them with Officer Love in Vacaville, CA. The cop had been making some serious problems for riders in Vacaville, writing many helmet tickets, along with various other types of harassment, and Rights violations. We decided to jump in and get our own tickets, instead of just helping them with their court paperwork. [We] rode to Vacaville to find the helmet ticket writing cop. We found him. Police use intimidation and falsehood as leverage against you. Some who have seen the video consider it a teaching tool. Could be right. Notice how the cops back off when they realize they can't fool you. Now the fun begins. Through court papers we discover how many legal mistakes the cop knew he was making, and how many mistakes he didn't know he was making. Mark Temple Charter Member BOLT of California

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President Obama said police in Cambridge, MA, "acted stupidly" in arresting a prominent black Harvard professor after a confrontation at the man's home.  

"I don't know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played," [but I'll comment on it anyway] Obama said while taking questions after a White House news conference.

Cambridge authorities dropped disorderly conduct charges against Henry Louis Gates Jr. on Tuesday.

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On the way to the closet, Deputy David Bowers lifted Megan Geisler off the ground, pressed her against a wall and choked her. While choking her, Deputy David Bowers said, ‘do you want to live or die bitch’ to Megan Geisler. Megan Geisler was then thrown into a closet. At this time she began vomiting and heaving.”

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Boston Herald

MA police spotted a suspected perv smoking pot in a car filled with coils of rope, a pair of handcuffs and bottles of NyQuil. But they had to let the man go, even though he was awaiting trial on child sexual assault charges.

Said Deputy Chief Russell Jenkins, “Had the law not been changed, he absolutely would have been placed under arrest.”


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A 42-year-old Louisiana man has died, apparently of a broken neck, after being pulled over by a police deputy.

A dash cam video shows Deputy Chris Sturdivant of the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office with his arms around Adam Stogner’s neck after the officer suspected the man of putting a small quantity of drugs into his mouth.