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In today's FOMC Minutes there was a brief section that received little focus amid the broader analysis of the Fed's tapering, inflation language, yet which could be far more important in coming weeks in light of the violent move higher in overnight r

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John Sneisen (The Economic Truth) provides an update on economic/market conditions; precious metals - Ric Curp (Michigan Activist) provides an update on activism there, Governor Whitmer's ridiculous policies, oil pipeline, etc... - Phranq Tamburri =

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When even Goldman - which has a history of aligning with the White House and the prevailing political administration du jour - refutes the falsehoods spread by the Biden administration about the origins of the unprecedented labor shortage, it's time

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Hours after Virginia governor Ralth Northam declared a state of emergency, one BP gas station was caught charging extortion-level prices on Tuesday amid the lamest 'gas crisis' in recent memory caused by the Colonial Pipeline hack.