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...Stimulus Bill Demand. As a reminder, two days ago Trump made it clear that the White House is now willing to settle at the $1.5 trillion package which was introduced by the Problem Solver caucas, urging Senate republicans to raise their $500BN ski

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Even as the fiscal 2020 budget deficit surged past $3 trillion, more than double the previous record deficit, US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin called for more federal spending, saying "now is not the time to worry about shrinking the deficit.

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After May's huge rebound from March and April's collapse, which pushed total retail sales to new record highs, August's growth was expected to slow as government handouts fade from memory and jobs don't return as rapidly as everyone expected.

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Mr. Griffin explained his thoughts on the year 2021 and later. It was a grim warning that everyone should hear for the sake of trying to understand the current happenings. Mr. Griffin sees it as all part of a vast network of plans. It's psychological