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Since its discovery more than a century ago, superconductivity has come to play a powerful role in many modern day technologies, such as maglev trains and MRI scans, but its utility has been limited by the need for extremely cool operating temperatur

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When we talk about the speed of sound, we usually mean how fast it moves through air. But it can travel much faster through other media, and now scientists at the University of Cambridge and Queen Mary University of London have identified the absolut

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In this video we explore the recently discovered process for creating flash graphene: the first economical method to make high quality turbostratic graphene in bulk. Using this method it's possible to convert nearly any carbon source (recycled materi

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All masks raise C02 levels, reduce oxygen levels, and, if you are infected, increase the viral load that you are breathing. If a N95 mask has an exhalation valve, the C02 and contaminant levels are lower, but if you are infected the mask does not pr