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Robert Zimmerman boils the NASA Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel to key parts of a one-page summary. NASA's current bureaucratic framework demands a risk-free space effort, more money and schedule delays. NASA is supposed to be exploring the unknown

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Longeveron is a life sciences company developing biological solutions for aging and aging-associated diseases through the use of Allogeneic Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells, harvested and grown at our facility in Miami, Florida, from adult-donor bone mar

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it will spot alien life...(Natural News) The James Webb Telescope has successfully concluded a series of tests prior to its proposed launch in the year 2019. After being subjected to 100 days of cryogenic testing -- to prove that it can remain opera

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and antibacterial properties that support wound healing...(Natural News) Despite the various medical discoveries that are reported regularly, there are still individuals who rely on folk medicine. For example, infusions from the bark of the paradise

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