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Using an image-guided, minimally invasive procedure, scientists may be able to cure the loss of smell, known as parosmia, occasionally found in people who were infected with COVID-19.

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Researchers have improved upon existing organoids, creating a miniature 3D colon complete with immune cells that could lead to the development of personalized treatments for colon-related diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease and cancer.

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U.K. regulators this week approved the first CRISPR therapy to treat humans and U.S. regulators could approve the therapy -- designed to treat blood disorders -- as early as December. Meanwhile, the U.S. company behind another CRISPR technology,

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Using new innovations in 3D printing, scientists at ETH Zurich have succeeded for the first time in printing a robotic hand with bones, ligaments, and tendons--all made of different polymers in one go.

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A nuclear fission fragment rocket engine (FFRE) that is exponentially more propellent efficient than rocket engines currently used to power today's space vehicles and could eventually achieve very high specific impulse (>100,000 sec) at high power

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If a new Canadian startup is successful with its product, it could decarbonize the whole desalination industry, using only energy from the sea to turn seawater into drinking water.

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In some heartening news for the 80% of Americans who will endure lower back pain in their lifetime, researchers have found that an existing drug can be redeployed to target 'sleeping', or senescent, osteoclast cells to significantly reduce spinal