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The Lightning Network has been touted as the solution to the Bitcoin Core (BTC) network's scalability problem for years now. Over the last few months, the Lightning Network has shown growth but there are still significant concerns about centralizat

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In Friday's edition of The Daily, Shapeshift emulates Kraken by sharing details of the compliance requests it fields from law enforcement. We also look at the Bitcoin maximalists who just can't stop making eyes at the latest privacy coin on the b

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Technocrat engineers are attempting to disrupt education by measuring student attention/focus and giving 'teachers' a window into the mind. Not surprisingly, China jumped at the opportunity for mass testing on 1.2 million students. ? TN Editor

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James Corbett-The Corbett Report

Remember how the conspiracy peddlers in the mainstream press freaked out over the super secret Russian microwave technology that was frying diplomats brains in Cuba. Well, it turns out that was just a tad exaggerated. So what was the real culprit? Fi

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(Natural News) In many ways, it's a good time to be a human. We have no shortage of modern comforts, and many of the threats that killed our predecessors are no longer an issue. However, at the same time, we are also facing new dangers brought abou

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3D printed implants are soft bridges that guide new nerve cells to grow across a tear or break in an injured spinal cord and restored movement. The work has so far shown promise in rats with severe spinal cord injury.

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