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Voting - Election Integrity

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Michigan's Republican-led Senate on June 16 passed several bills that, if signed into law, would implement more voter identification requirements for in-person voters and absentee voters, adding Michigan to a growing list of states pursuing more st

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This revelation is news to the public, but our trusted politicians and Jeff Silvestro of LHS Associates knew this would happen months before the election occurred. Irrespective of their knowledge, they collectively committed gross negligence when the

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Christina Bobb: Pennsylvania sent a delegation out here. They've expressed interest in the Arizona audit and replicating this in Pennsylvania. So there is a delegation of state legistlators from Pennsylvania that are arrive in Arizona today. They a

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This is a powerful, must watch presentation concerning the electoral integrity of the 2020 presidential contest by preeminent constitutional and civil rights attorney Robert Barnes. It will dramatically shape and alter your clear understanding of wha

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Prominent attorney Lin Wood warned Dominion Voting System, "You are going to pay a heavy price," as he takes on the defense of his colleague, Sidney Powell, who is being sued for defamation after accusing the company of shocking U.S. election irr