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Eminent Domain

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If government can just take your property from you, is it really your property to begin with? Eminent domain is legalized theft and President Trump is a big fan. Ron Paul defends individual liberty, property rights, and voluntary interactions on toda

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One of a handful issues I have with Donald Trump is his appetite for eminent domain. Whenever you watch a tear-jerking eminent-domain story on television, it serves as a grim reminder that we are not, by any stretch of the imagination, totally free.

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Properties were seized and a neighborhood razed in the name of ‘economic development’ that never came

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 I read your article and would like more information if there is a continuation of helping out property owners with getting their rights back? I am also affected by this and do not know where to turn to no. The AG office will not speak to me and if t

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Proposed EPA regulations could soon impact how you use streams on your own land. - See more at: