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Robots and Artificial Intelligence

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Article Image News Link • Global BY SCOTT ROSENBERG

Trilateral Commission member and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is a master Technocrat in the truest sense of the word. He was one of the pioneers of AI at Google, the inventor of "Surveillance Capitalism," and is now heir-apparent to fellow Tril

Article Image News Link • Global, by Brian Wang

Elon Musk believes that ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence) will be created within about three years and it will be smarter than the smartest human at most anything and will be able to write as good a novel as J.K. Rowling, discover new physics, or i

Article Image News Link • Global by Tyler Durden

Anthony Levandowski, a name synonymous with the pioneering of self-driving technology and a figure shrouded in Silicon Valley controversy, has made headlines again. This time, it's not about groundbreaking tech advancements or legal battles, but some