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Global Energy Transmission (GET) has pioneered a mid-air inductive recharging system that can charge up several drones at once without requiring them to land. Build enough of these stations, and you can have an army of drones in the air that never ne

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Amazon has received a patent that would combine man and machine in a symbiotic, product-fetching cage enclosure capable of flying around their expansive warehouses on tracks currently used by robotic trolleys.

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Honeybee Robotics has been working on a Planetary Deep drill. It has been tested to a depth of about 100 feet (30 meters). The plan has to been to have the lightweight system reach kilometers of depth. This would be able to reach the liquid Lake on M

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Farnborough (United Kingdom) (AFP) - European air giant Airbus on Wednesday unveiled a solar-powered drone called Zephyr that will fly at a high altitude and fulfil the same functions as a satellite.

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