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All Arabs are Semites! NOT all European and American Jews are Semites. So why Americans still debating false charge of Anti-Semitism? Shouldn't we be debating Anti-Jewish bigotry instead?

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Evidence that actor Jussie Smollett staged an attack against himself, and blamed white male Trump supporters, may be growing as Chicago police raided the home of two black Nigerian brothers who had appeared on the 'Empire' TV series and know Smol

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American University in Washington, D.C. is hosting an event on Feb. 1 on "antiracist" grading with a professor who serves as director of a writing center which argues that American grammar is a "racist," "unjust language structure."

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The foundation and root of Socialist ideas are government power and violent force. Socialist governments, both past and present, have produced the largest death counts (of their own citizens) without question. They're in a league of their own. With t

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Mac Donald writes in the piece below about black kids being shot be black thugs, including in Ferguson, Missouri, the infamous suburb of St. Louis. Ferguson has nicer houses than the working-class suburb of St. Louis where I grew up. Yet it has exp

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The Trump administration is rescinding the Obama policy of using racial differences in school discipline and suspension as prima facia proof of discrimination. The article below cites statistics on the huge difference in crime rates between black an

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Some discoveries are just too shocking to digest. Recently I wrote of intrepid Ron Unz, the Californian maverick publisher and IT-genius, who dared to share with his readers his insights into the ideas and motifs of revisionists, or Holocaust Deniers