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https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

"The perception that mass shootings are a "white man's problem" lingers around the country because white mass shooters tend to get more publicity. And, the twisted young male who goes on a public shooting spree fits a certain kind of media na

Article Image, By C.J. Hopkins

If you enjoyed the global corporatocracy's original War on Islamicist Terror, you're going to love their latest spinoff, The War on White Supremacist Terror.

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Years ago, it was hard to be a racist. You had to be fitted for and spend money on a white gown and don a pointy hat. You celebrated racism by getting some burlap, wrapping it around a cross, setting it ablaze and dancing around it carrying torches.

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Mark Dice Video-Time for Plan B

Desperate Democrats resort to calling Trump Racist, when all else fails...

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There is a strong case that they are. Having been demonized for many years and intimidated from defending themselves, white people are now intentionally discriminated against by the racial "minorities" (actually vast world majorities) of the peo, Tyler Durden

Senior Trump adviser and presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner sat down with Axios' Jonathan Swan for the premiere of its second season on HBO, covering topics which included racism, abortion, Palestinians, and the infamous Trump Tower meeting.

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The Liberty Advisor - Tim Picciott

A recent cubs game saw a fan flash an upside "ok" symbol on live TV. While 99.99% of rationale human beings would understand this to be the "circle" game... the NPC media wants to create racial divisions by perpetuating the myth this is now a "White