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Welcome back to the 50s!' Washington university is slammed for creating segregated dormitory housing exclusively for black students

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The British Arts Council has appeared as another assassin of white people. The British Arts Council's policy of "diversity" has resulted in the English Touring Opera firing half of its orchestral musicians for being white.

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The town of Harmony, Mississippi, which owes its origins to a small number of formerly enslaved Black people who bought land from former slaveholders after the Civil War, is nestled in Leake County, a perfectly square allotment in the center of the s

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Recently, Michael Tesler commented on "The Rise of White Identity Politics." Tesler's analysis draws on years of research into racialized politics, and he shows convincingly that there is a rise in white identity politics and that this rise is

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Workshop or WOKESHOP? University of Kentucky hosted $5,000 anti-racism seminar where deans and top faculty were taught to accept their 'white inferiority' and filled out pledge cards with steps to erase inequality