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A half-century after his death, Martin Luther King Jr. is as revered as ever. But have we been following his example, or merely paying lip service to his ideas? Jason Riley, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, weighs in.

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Counter Extremism Project

Accelerationism is the belief that specific forces - historically economic - should be accelerated to effect societal change.

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Comment by PCR: Is the article by the career police officer racist or the truth? Is it racist even if it is true? Once truth is racist, how can truth be spoken or written? Calling truth "racist" causes easily intimidated people to flee from tr

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Most people advocating for radical social change on behalf of people of color are not themselves people of color. How do you explain that? Wilfred Reilly, professor of political science at Kentucky State University, has some answers.

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Candace Owens Podcast

In the aftermath of Geroge Floyd's death, the media concocted a narrative that justified a summer of worldwide riots and helped contribute to the rise of Black Lives Matter who used the chaos to raise 90 million dollars. In this new documentary, ex

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Mark Dice -

It's time for people to start calling Critical Race Theory what it really is, and stop using liberal terminology designed to obfuscate what they're doing.

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White liberals have succeeded in brainwashing Americans into ignorance. White liberals have been so successful that schools are dedicated to erasing history instead of teaching it.

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"The Yellow Jackets aren't roaming the streets of France, burning and smashing structures, because they are privileged, they are doing so because they are powerless. They are in the streets trying to overthrow a highly oppressive, extremely privilege