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While a faint glimpse of reality did sneak through into the ECB's latest set of economic projections, with the central bank now projecting that for the first time in over a decade, Europe's 2021 inflation will surpass the ECB's stated target...

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Today's much-anticipated ECB meeting has all eyes & ears ready with both hands and feet to 'sell, sell, sell' or 'buy, buy, buy' on the 'news' that Lagarde and her lackeys will shift to a more hawkish (well, less infinitely dovish) stance.

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Reis Thebault and Quentin Aries

When President Joe Biden refused to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan past the Aug. 31 deadline, European leaders argued this forced them to end their evacuation efforts early, despite thousands of citizens and allies still trying to escape the country

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Despite negative interest rates and money printing by the European Central Bank, which conveniently allowed all Eurozone member governments to fund themselves, having gone nowhere Eurozone nominal GDP is even lower than it was before the Lehman crisi

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(Natural News) The alternative media streaming platform BitChute, which is based out of the United Kingdom, has issued new guidelines against free speech that conform to the "hate speech" requirements of both its country and the European Union.