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Free Speech

Article Image News Link • Global by Bruce Bawer

Norwegian police chief Benedicte Bjørnland is unable to rid from her mind the certainty that mistreating a copy of the Koran is wrong and that she and her fellow flatfoots should, under some statute or other, have the power to do something about it.

Article Image News Link • Global, By John W. Whitehead

"What happens to Julian Assange and to Chelsea Manning is meant to intimidate us, to frighten us into silence. By defending Julian Assange, we defend our most sacred rights. Speak up now or wake up one morning to the silence of a new kind of tyrann

Article Image News Link • Global, BY VICTOR SKINN

The University of Michigan agreed in a legal settlement Monday to never again employ a Bias Response Team to investigate students for alleged "bullying" or "harassment" – a practice that chilled the free speech rights of conservative studen