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Jekyll Island May 2009

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The Jekyll Island Project - Amanda Moore

When I say, that the trip to Jekyll Island was most awesome, I mean to impart emphasis on the word AWE.... Not for the elite who came before us, but for the men and women who showed the courage to stand together and be counted among the patriots of today. Bob Schulz and “We The People Foundation”, invited G. Edward Griffin and sixty of the most honored and revered men and women in the patriot movement to experience this most inspiring gathering and historical adventure. Many people I spoke with during the invitation process were delighted to have been invited and saw the value in participating in this event. “It is long over due’ said Bernadine Smith, of the Second Amendment Committee. It will take unification and collaboration from all fronts, to achieve the necessary momentum and prevent the complete and total collapse of this nation, momentum necessary to stop the fast tract to Communism and regain our stronghold on freedom. In 1910, men of means, despotic in nature, took the