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Alessandro Fusillo (Libertarian Attorney in Italy, Germany) on Brexit, Italy and the EU; Is Italy Poised to Launch Euro Parallel Currency? - Dr Judy Mikovits (PhD, Molecular Biology) on her fight and focus to stop vaccine mandates (Especially SB276

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The first-ever, peer-review study has been published comparing total-health in vaccinated and unvaccinated children. Dr. Anthony Mawson led a research team that investigated the relationship between vaccination exposures and acute or chronic illnesse

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Dr. David Brownstein says that the two-dose vaccine for chicken pox does lower the rate of that childhood illness. However, shingles, which is a painful recurrence of chickenpox, mostly in adults, has become an epidemic that is directly related to th

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California: Officials at an upscale private Los Angeles high school said that a lack of vaccinations does not explain an outbreak of whooping cough, as 30 students, all of them vaccinated, have reportedly been diagnosed with whooping cough, also know

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In part I of this series, I wrote about why Repatha should be pulled from the marketplace. In that article, I showed you that both Repatha and the fake placebo used in the study were both associated with nearly 25% serious adverse effects including h

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Sen. Rand Paul said Tuesday that he does not think the government should require people to receive vaccinations, amid a heated debate over the growing influence of anti-vaccine groups and as Washington state experiences its worst measles outbreak in

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(Natural News) It's flying mostly under the radar due to the fake news media's capitulation to political correctness. But the ongoing southern border crisis, which Leftists insist doesn't actually exist, has been identified as one of the vector

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According to LifeSiteNews, a Catholic publication, the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association is charging UNICEF and WHO with sterilizing millions of girls and women under cover of an anti-tetanus vaccination program sponsored by the Kenyan government.

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Irene Pi (AZ Director of National Vaccine Information Center) talks about he Arizona March for Medical Freedom @ the AZ State Capitol Sat May 18th @ 9am - PA State Rep Daryl D. Metcalfe (R) talks about his 'Informed Consent Protection Act Bill' intr