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In the hundred-and-seventh edition of the Russian Newspapers Monitor, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses the front-page articles from four Russian newspapers: Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Izvestia, Moskovsky Komsomolets, and Komsomolskaya Pravda Moscow Edit

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Debi Thomas (Independent Affiliate - Karatbars International) on gold, Karatbars, KaratCoin Bank cryptocurrency Bank, K-Merchant cryptocurrency payment system, etc... - Dr. Phranq Tamburri, NMD = Trump Report

Article Image News Link • Global by Tyler Durdan

Nine months ago, as US Treasury yields were drifting lower from a seven-year high reached in May of last year, we pointed out a curious development in the market for US sovereign debt that to our complete lack of surprise had been overlooked by the m

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World Alternative Media - Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson breaks down groundbreaking information from top anonymous sources exposing George Soros, Kyle Bass, Eric Sprott, Peter Schiff and the role GoldMoney, Hayman Capital and Dillon Gage have in monopolizing the Texas gold industry by weasel

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Chris Lowe, editor, Legacy Inner Circle: E.B., you called the bottom for gold last summer when we talked in August. Since then, gold is up almost 11%. What was it that made you think gold prices had bottomed… and that higher prices were on the way?