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Gold and Silver

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The Constitution made it crystal clear what the official money of the United States was to be when it called the federal government into existence. That money was to be gold coins and silver coins, not paper money.

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Doing "whatever it takes" to save the global economy from the coronavirus pandemic is going to cost a lot of money. The U.S. government alone is spending a few trillion dollars, and the Federal Reserve is creating another few trillion dollars to

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The Fed just went full retard (even fuller retard than it had gone two weeks ago) and along with its promise to buy pretty much anything and make all collateral money-good, it has eased an apparent resurgence in dollar liquidity stresses.

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In this interview Daniel Lacalle explains why the fundamentals for gold are stronger each day, and why silver and palladium should not be ignored in the current crisis.

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In light of the Fed printing a new $4 Trillion dollars and Congress passing multi-trillion dollar bills, I want to introduce you to the Goldback and Could this currency which isn't just backed by gold but actually has gold inside of it

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As the gold market continues to deal with global liquidity issues, and virus-lockdown-related disruptions between paper and physical pricing as extremely high physical demand creates shortages, Russia made a surprise announcement on Monday.

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By now it becoming clear to many that demand for precious metals, as the world 'turns', is far outpacing supply as major gold suppliers and sellers exclaim "there is no gold."