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We first brought you the fascinating story of Deutsche Bank's gold spoofer David Liew back in June 2017, when we revealed that the former precious metals-trader turned government star informant was responsible for busting a massive ring of gold manip

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The headlines surrounding Berkshire Hathaway's decision to bail on their banking exposure and buy Barrick Gold quickly faded from the mainstream media but the question of "why?" - after years of denigration for the barbarous relic - remains.

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Watch the latest Weekly Update where we touch the US Postal Service filing a patent for a blockchain mail-in voting system, Warren Buffet reversing his position on gold, a defi token being worth more than a single Bitcoin and more.

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John Sneisen (The Economic Truth) on gold and silver - James Bovard (Libertarian Author; Writer) on 'Why I Write' - Maxim Smith (Host of the Teens for Trump YouTube channel) on trying to warn many students and parents about the infiltration of leftis