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Gold and Silver

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The world stands on the threshold of monetary hyperinflation with the US dollar leading the way. The final months of fiat money are coming into view. What will replace them - bitcoin or gold?

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Gold had a nice run last week. It traded up from $1,769 per ounce on Monday, November 30, to $1,842 per ounce by the close on Friday, December 4. That's a 4.1% gain, not a bad week's work. Gold's trading at about the same level today. Still, th

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Zero Hedge

Saxo Bank projects silver will soar to a record $50 an ounce in 2021, powered by loose Federal Reserve monetary policy and a weak dollar, and turbocharged by surging demand for the white metal in the solar energy sector.

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One must always be careful to distinguish between a truism, a claim or narrative which is so deeply embedded into the fabric of cultural understanding that it is taken to be an indisputable historical fact, and truth, a continuing, self-evident featu

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"There are not a lot around, and so by deduction of course we remain interested in being able to add to our portfolio any tier 1 asset out there," he said. Bristow said he has no doubt the company will be able to repatriate $500 million which

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Ron Paul Liberty Report -

America, the federal republic & America, the global empire. Two distinct Americas. The first was marked by individual liberty, sound money, free markets and a foreign policy of non-intervention. The latter is marked by dependence on government, fiat