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Gold and Silver

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Wild fires and torrential rain in California unleash 'a flood of gold' - with amateur treasure hunters flocking to state to find nuggets worth nearly $2,000 a piece

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Gold has alternately rallied and tanked over the last week based primarily on how investors view the inflation fight. When they think the Fed is about to win, they buy gold. When they think the fight may have to continue, they sell.

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Unfortunately, Tucker is too late - the time to fix this problem has long passed. Mike says that at this stage in the game, it is "too late for the U.S. dollar." So what is there to do about it? And how much time is left?

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Yesterday (April 5) marked the 90th anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 6102 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was touted as a measure to stop gold hoarding, but it was in reality, an attempt to remove gold from public hands.

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The United States once had the finest monetary system in history. It was a system that the U.S. Constitution established. It was a system in which the official money of the United States consisted of gold coins and silver coins.