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Gold and Silver

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Article Image, By Maryam Henein

I tell people that HoneyColony's Silver Excelsior is so good, that the government came after us for it. It's not colloidal but chelated and bio-available at 4,000 PPM.

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Peter Schiff recently appeared on the Claman Countdown with Creative Planning president Peter Mallouk to talk about the recent record high in gold and the trajectory of the markets over the next few months.

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We seem to be moving (slowly, but steadily) to a multi-polar world. The U.S. empire is continually losing wars and credibility. Meanwhile, other major powers are stockpiling gold and forming economic relationships with other nations around the world.

Article Image, By John Seiler

Kudos to Javier Milei for winning the Argentine presidency on a platform of sound money, low taxes and slashing government spending. Like me, he's a follower of Austrian economist Murray Rothbard, whose "Man, Economy, and State" I first read at