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Unintended Consequences

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In my town, the corporate throngs travel almost in unison every morning and every night, making their way from the manicured suburbs to the shiny central city and then back again.

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People often speak of "accidents" as if they just . . . happen. As if they aren't for the most part avoidable. Many of these same people also wonder why we're all paying through the nose for insurance, to "cover" all of these "

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Clean product tanker rates soared last week after the European Union and G-7 nations targeted Russia's petroleum sales. Restrictions on Russian crude exports began in early December. The sanctions have been a ploy by Western countries to limit Russia

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his article is the first in a series on the underreported costs of solar power. American farmers express concerns about being crowded off of their property, the potentially permanent loss of good agricultural soil, and the feasibility of combining la

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Fukushima, The Radioactive Spill That Keeps On Giving; DDT Dump Discovered Off SoCal Coast; Bayer Held to the Fire Over Glyphosate Deaths; Investigative Journalist, Carey Gillam, Unleashes "The Monsanto Papers."

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While the mainstream media concentrates on different milestones of Covid deaths, thousands and thousands of others die and suffer needlessly due to the unprecedented practice of locking societies down. Today's Liberty Report takes a look at these vic