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Japan - Earthquake Tsunami Radiation

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The Fukushima event has been upgraded from Level 5 "Accident with Wider Consequences" to Level 6 "Serious Accident." Only Chernobyl is a Level 7 event. We believe Fukushima should get there within 2 weeks as ever more of the current....

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Terrence Aym

In the U.S. the Red Cross advertises that when disaster strikes they are there to help—in Japan it seems the criminal organization yakuza is the first on the scene with aid and comfort. That's one of the surprising facts that's emerged in the af

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Visit's new page, Japan 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami -- U.S. Government Information. You'll find a variety of resources from across the government, including: Updates on air quality and food safety in the United States. Information abo

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The operator of Japan's leaking nuclear plant says power lines have been hooked up to all 6 reactor units, though more work is needed before electricity can run through them. Workers must check pumps, motors and other equipment before the electricity

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But it appears we're going for the heavy ordnance instead, aided by the latest and greatest in video-gaming technology, and, by Gawd we are going to give this cheeky Gadhafi fellow something like a Semtex colonoscopy...