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Forfeiture & Seizure

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Beverly Hills: A class-action suit claims FBI exceeded its search warrant in March and took possession of the contents of about 800 safe deposit boxes kept with storage provider US Private Vaults (USPV), which was indicted for conspiracy to sell drug

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--Asset Takeover Going On in America Among all the panic and misinformation being spewed by politicians at all levels and the complicit mainstream media, what is going on under the radar that will greatly harm Americans much more than this virus eve

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The ninth circuit court of appeals has upheld a ruling which declared police can constitutionally steal your possessions. Called "civil asset forfeiture," the police are under no obligation to give the property back to you. Instead, police depart

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The US Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Wednesday that the Excessive Fines Clause in the 8th Amendment applies to state and local governments. Announced in an opinion written by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on her second day back on the bench fo