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Surviving the Collapse

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If you're waiting for constitutions, elections, or other documents and rituals to make government into something that actually serves and protects the people, stop waiting. It won't ever happen. "Government" has always been the enemy of decent peo

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J.g. Cragg

Has the peace and quiet of small town life made you feel secure and complacent? Do you think because you live outside large urban centers you are insulated from the arm of Big Brother? Have you been depending on the mainstream media for your news?

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Looks like Simon Black from Sovereignman is starting to get on board with Bitcoin. He explains what money is and how it is being manipulated. All Money is an accounting system, who has what. That is why Gold and Silver has been used for centuries

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Every year about this time, we are inundated with self-proclaimed prognosticators telling us (with great certainty) what the New Year will bring. The vast majority of the time they are wrong; but, somehow, that doesn't keep people from listening to

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