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Surviving the Collapse

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It's something of a truism in physics that closed systems tend toward entropy. In other words, building walls around a process will make it degrade faster than it normally would. And this principle clearly applies beyond physics.

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Zero Hedge

Damian McBride is the former head of communications at the British treasury and former special adviser to Gordon Brown, erstwhile Prime Minister of the U.K. Yesterday he tweeted some surprising advice in response to the plunge in global equities mark

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There is an almost touching faith that markets are rigged when they loft higher, but unrigged when they crash. Who's to say this crash isn't rigged? A few things about this "crash" (11% decline from all time highs now qualifies as a "crash") don't pa

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I fully realize that most of us Americans cannot fathom a world in which food cannot be obtained from the supermarket or fuel cannot be obtained from the corner gas station or that the power grid could be offline for more than a few hours.

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Mr. Crosby said the simplicity of the ordering process was ultimately what sold him on the home. "I don't have to make any decisions about the layout, the appliances I need or about the permitting," he said. "I just clicked a button to buy an

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How many times have you thrown on your BOB and walked more than three miles? How long did it take? Were you winded after, and could you repeat the effort numerous times in a single day? How recently have you dug a trench, chopped a cord of fire wood,

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My purpose in writing this article is to focus attention on an area that is lacking for too many people. Having been in a group that did a lot of training, it became clear that this was an area that needed attention.