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Surviving the Collapse

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Living Wed Farms -

Living Web Farms is where hands on learning comes to life about organic food production and innovative knowledge for sustainable agriculture from the world's top experts.

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Organic Prepper - Daisy Luther

Prepping looks a lot different when you are in a temporary location, traveling, or living in an RV/van but it can - and should - still be done. Here's how.

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Ice Age Farmer -

The Greater Food Alliance is a network of individuals dedicated to protecting local food systems. When regulatory overreach interferes with our right to grow food for our community, GFA aligns producers with attorneys who value local food and can sup

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Eric Peters Autos

Some people are stocking up on ammunition, which is never a bad idea as ammo retains its value better than gold or silver and - unlike gold and silver- is actually useful in and of itself.