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Police Brutality and Militarization

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Jackson Marciana, M. David, Counter Current News

But many critical of police brutality are saying this is all a meaningless show to make it look like the federal government is doing something to stop the onslaught from unchecked, brutal police officers across the nation.

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The parents of an unarmed teen killed by police filed a federal lawsuit on Monday against the Seneca Police Department seeking to force the release of the dash cam videos that recorded the fatal shooting.

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Daily Bell - John Whitehead

Caught up in the spectacle of the forthcoming 2016 presidential elections, Americans (never very good when it comes to long-term memory) have not only largely forgotten last year's hullabaloo over militarized police, police shootings of unarmed cit

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Americans got a glimpse of what policing is like in a more humane and civilized society last year when four young Swedish cops, on vacation in New York City and riding on a subway, found themselves faced with a bloody fight in the aisle by two angry