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World War II has been over for 70 years, yet the US military continues to occupy the Japanese island of Okinawa against the wishes of the island's population and political leaders.

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I don't get it. On the one hand, we're told that the intentional targeting of civilians in wartime is a war crime. On the other hand, we're told that the intentional targeting of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with nuclear bombs was not a war crime.

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It is very fitting that on today's April 28th anniversary of the bull market, the day that officially makes this the second-longest "bull market" in history, the market got a stark reminder of just how it got there: through constant and relentless ce

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The yen is on a roll. After starting the year at about 120 per dollar, the Japanese currency surged as high as 107.63 early on Monday to its strongest level since October 2014, when the central bank unexpectedly boosted quantitative easing.

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Should Japan and South Korea be permitted to develop nuclear weapons? That was the very good question posed last week by candidate Donald Trump.

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Tens of thousands of Japanese are demonstrating over changes to the constitution overturning more than half a century's prohibition on war. The Japanese government wants a more central role in Obama's "pivot to Asia," which is a cover for more US mil