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Economists debate limits of monetary easing, especially negative interest rates that prompt savers and even banks in Germany to stockpile cash in safes and bank vault. Bank of Japan chief Haruhiko Kuroda sees things differently.

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At the waste collection center in Kamikatsu, Japan, there are separate bins for different types of paper products: Newspapers, magazines, cartons, flyers. Then there are separate ones for cans: Aluminum, spray, steel.

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However digging deeper it becomes shockingly apparent that many Japanese are on a slow descending flight to poverty. (Anecdote: I once stayed at a manga cafe overnight because I missed my last train. Manga cafes are cheap box like facilities that h

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ULAANBAATAR, July 15 (Reuters) - Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday that his country should stop interfering and hyping up the South China Sea issue, as the dispute took centre stage at a key regional summit