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Toward the end of the third quarter, as the VIX was plumbing new all time lows - a trend that has largely persisted ever since - we reported that in the latest striking development involving volatility derivative products, the total outstanding Vega

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Yes, we all know the recurring complaints: it's volatile, it's new and untested, it can be hacked, and it has no central bank backing it; most established pundits hate it - today's comments by Warren Buffett a case in point - and as Goldman writes in

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On Monday, HSBC announced its deferred prosecution agreement with the US Department of Justice (DoJ) had expired, removing the threat of criminal prosecution for money laundering which had been hanging over the company for five years. From the Financ

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The BIS is arguably the most powerful group of central bankers in the world, who collectively dominate the entire monetary system. Bloomberg rightly calls the BIS a 'bastion of global Technocracy." I think the world had better get a clue as to wh

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Earlier this week we reported that as part of the stunning, unexpected collapse of South African retail giant Steinhoff, which also owns France-based Conforama furniture chain, Mattress Firm in the U.S. and Poundland in the U.K., none other than the

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