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Saudi Arabia

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By Danny Sjursen TruthDig

It was big news. U.S. military forces streamed into Saudi Arabia in response to a supposedly serious threat to the kingdom's eastern region. The American troops were invited by nervous Saudi royals; it wasn't an American invasion per se. Everythi

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After announcing last month that it would be sending 1,000 additional troops to the Middle East, the Pentagon revealed late Wednesday that 500 of those troops would be heading to the Prince Sultan Air Base, situated in the desert east of Riyadh.

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The gradual liberalization of Saudi Arabia's repressive laws and social mores continued on Thursday with WSJ reporting that Crown Prince MBS plans to drop restrictions barring women from traveling out of the country without a male guardian's permissi

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The president is helping the repressive monarchy wage war in open defiance of Congress. That's grounds for impeachment.

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Investigators say last Sunday's mysterious "sabotage" attack on four tankers which included two Saudi ships off Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates was "highly likely" the work of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) deploying underwater attack

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Just about seven months have passed since Jamal Khashogggi, a former government insider-turned-critic of Saudi Crown Prince MbS, walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and disappeared, sparking an international scandal that prompted several gove