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Saudi Arabia

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The Middle East political alignment continues its "reset" away from US influence at a rapid pace, as on Sunday Al Jazeera reported the huge development that the foreign ministers from Arab League member states have agreed to accept Syrian membership

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After decades of stewardship of the Middle East, during which the United States pursued the absurd policy of not talking to its enemies and creating and enforcing blocs to oppose and isolate those enemies, the predictable outcome occurred.

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US-Saudi Tensions Escalate After Crown Prince Says He is No Longer Interested in 'Pleasing' the U.S.

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Only recently has the hype around the construction of the Line skyscraper in Saudi Arabia quieted down, and another incredible project is being prepared. But if there are still more questions than answers with the Line, then the Cube-shaped project h

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Interviewed Tuesday at Bloomberg, Saudi Arabia Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan indicated that Saudi Arabia would be open to conducting trade, including involving oil, in various currencies -- mentioning in particular the euro and the Saudi riyal