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Stock Market

Article Image by Tyler Durden

Robinhood's recent IPO was initially lackluster, with the stock trading down ~7% from its IPO price. In recent days the stock then started to catch a bid as Cathie Wood & ARK bought in. However yesterday HOOD stock launched over 50%…but why? Opti

Article Image by Michael Snyd

Is time finally running out for "the bubble to end all bubbles"? Over the past year, we have seen stock prices rise to levels that are completely and utterly absurd, and many have pointed out that we are currently in the largest stock market bub

Article Image, by Tyler Durden

With stocks sliding for the second day in a row, and decisively ending a streak that saw the S&P hit record highs on 13 of the past 16 trading days, traders are stumped trying to figure out what's behind the market's weakness.

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