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-–Wall Street Greatly Celebrates The Latest Economic And Financial Disasters

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As discussed earlier, most banks agree that while the midterms are important over the medium and long run, Thursday's CPI print will be the most important factor to shape the expectations for December FOMC and the market's near term reaction. Here, c

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Update (1105ET): The price of FTX Token FTT just crashed over 20% after holding support at $22 since the CEO of Alameda Research (FTX hedge fund) offered to buy all Binance's FTT holdings at that level.

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Shares in Chinese companies crashed Monday morning as traders were spooked by the consolidation of power by President Xi Jinping. After a weeklong Party Congress, Xi was confirmed for a third presidential term on Saturday.

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Shares of Tesla are down about 7% in the pre-market session after the company cut the price of some of its cars in China, drumming up concerns about demand just days after Musk said the company would continue robust production regardless of whether o

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Even after their correction over the past few months, commodities have been one of the best-performing asset classes in the markets this year and over the past couple of years.

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Is now the time to buy gold? Or should we be bearish on the precious metal? Peter Schiff debated TD Securities Global Head of Commodity Markets Strategy Bart Melek on the future of gold prices on CNBC Asia.

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