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Marquee Finance by Sagar Substack

In what could be termed the mother of all the bubbles, the duration sell-off in the bond markets has now reached unprecedented levels.

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The decline in China's home construction has been remarkable, almost rivaling the US housing crisis of 2008. It raises the question: Why are commodity prices so resilient if one of the biggest buyers is in malaise?

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I get asked for my opinions on what's happening by members of the press pretty regularly. They don't always make it into print, nor do i respond to them all. It's a tough business so I don't ascribe any malice to it.

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Macro analyst Stephanie Pomboy returns in this Part 2 of our interview with her, where she explains why she predicts a painful recession ahead as well as a substantial haircut -- possibly as much as 50% or more -- for financial assets in the coming y