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Mass Shootings

Article Image, Tyler Durden

Less than a day after a terrorist attack at two mosques that left 49 people dead and several fighting for their lives, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she will change gun laws of the country, with the prime minister noting that the New

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New investigations reveal the cowardice and incompetence of police and local officials.

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John Whitehead - Rutherford Institute

Yet another shooting...Yet another smear of ugliness, hatred and violence... Yet another ratcheting up of the calls for the government to clamp down on the citizenry by imposing more costly security measures without any real benefit,

Article Image, By: Andrew Moran

Around the world, millions of young people don t-shirts portraying Che Guevara, the anti-capitalist Cuban rebel who loathed blacks, executed homosexuals, and slaughtered thousands.

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