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Awaken With JP

In this video you'll learn why AOC exaggerated her trauma from the capital riot. There's a perfectly good explanation... Even though she wasn't in the capital building while the riots were happening, she still deserves to be the most traumatize

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Joseph Mercola -

PCR tests cannot distinguish between "live" viruses and inactive (noninfectious) viral particles and therefore cannot be used as a diagnostic tool. The false appearance of a lethal pandemic has been manufactured using cycle thresholds (CTs) that

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Johns Hopkins University's student newspaper, the News-Letter, reported on a university presentation stating that COVID-19 "had no effect on the percentage of deaths of older people" and that the virus "has also not increased the total number

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

Democrats and Republicans publicly argue and bicker with one another. Outwardly, there is conflict. But when it comes to expanding the power of government in every direction, there couldn't be more harmony between them. The growth of state power and

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Cairns News

A LETTER written by a senior constable from the Coffs/Clarence Highway Patrol in NSW and signed by colleagues, has exposed the COVID-19 narrative for its deception and the harm it is causing to police and their relations with the public.

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Jason Shurka - Brighteon

This is the Covid-19: EXPOSED Official Movie. This is a 30-minute film in which the world-renowned pediatrician, Dr. Lawrence B. Palevsky, reveals the scientifically-backed TRUTH regarding the coronavirus.