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Zero Hedge

For a few days, ever since the supposedly amazing GDP report from quarter four 2023, we've been blasted by the media about how great the economy is doing.

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The apocalyptic prophecies of government, academic, and corporate sponsored climate alarmism have manipulated the minds of the masses to believe that mankind is to blame for our own demise.

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Government health authorities, corporations, educational institutions, and no doubt others are attempting to resurrect the very policies that did so much harm over the course of 2020--2022. But despair not. Rather we should use what we learned from t

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Most people find it quite easy to believe that the airplane crash that killed Yevgeny Pigrozhin, the leader of the mercenary Wagner Group, who had led a mutiny against the Russian government, was no simple accident.

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The Covid narrative of the last three years was the greatest hoax in human history. The Covid virus itself (as touted) was never scientifically proven to exist. Of course, the coronavirus has been around forever as the common cold.