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A group of three influential senators traveled to Kiev and met with President Volodymyr Zelensky. Accompanied by country music singer Brad Paisley, the lawmakers called for the defeat of Russian President Vladimir Putin and pledged more weapons for U

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There has been much talk and reporting of the coming Spring counteroffensive by Ukraine forces, but with the fight for Bakhmut not going so well for Kiev, there's also been talk of the need for compromise, at a moment Ukrainian casualties in the east

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The Biden administration on Tuesday announced a new massive $2.6 billion weapons package for Ukraine that includes HIMARS ammunition, missiles for air defense systems, artillery rounds, and other equipment.

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Choosing war is the most important policy decision Washington makes on behalf of the American people.

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US-funded biological research laboratories are continuing to operate in Ukraine in spite of official statements indicating that they had been "deactivated," the Russian Defense Ministry said in a Friday report on Washington's international path