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Russia has announced that effective 00:00 Hrs Moscow Time on July 20, all Ships attempting to travel to/from ANY Port in Ukraine, will be considered "carriers of military equipment" and "participants in the conflict."

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I've been waiting for the hubbub to die down since the NATO conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 11-12 July 2023, waiting for someone -- anyone -- to point out the obvious reason for why the Ukraine's cocaine-sniffing mascot-president Zelensky, hav

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Is Ukraine still a thing for Americans? Of course, a brutal and tragic war is going on there with momentous geopolitical consequences. But do Americans care?

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NATO's message to Ukrainian president Zelensky at its Vilnius summit was essentially, "you keep fighting and we'll keep sending weapons. But no NATO Membership." Zelensky was furious when this became clear and he lashed out. Slowly it is becoming obv

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-after a furious Zelensky blasted 'absurd' decision not to set a timeline for Ukraine to join powerful alliance Biden administration set to offer security guarantees to Ukraine But Biden has already said Ukraine is not 'ready' to join Zelensky cal

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