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The Technocrat hand of tyrannical government is coming down on the "un-vaxxed" all around the world. Pakistan now has at least two programs in place; disabling sim cards in cellular phones for all citizens and refusing to pay government employees

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Just one short week ago, you could have been forgiven for thinking that the False Flags Over Kashmir that I wrote about in this very column in March had blown over, and that everything in the highly contentious Kashmir region connecting India, Pakist

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As Justin is experiencing side effects of his resumed Keytruda treatment, we are taking this opportunity to run this classic column from November 2001. That's quite a while ago ?" and it's message is (sadly) still as pertinent today as then!

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It's the biggest escalation between South Asia's nuclear-armed rivals in decades and with a bitterly contested national election in India just weeks away, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was quick to exploit his military's air strikes on a terrori