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One of the more interesting facets of GPS is that, at least from the receiver's point-of-view, it's a fairly passive system. All of the information beamed down from the satellites is out in the ether, all the time, free for anyone on the planet t

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Edison Motors -

Edison Motors is not just about creating new vehicles; they're pioneering a movement against planned obsolescence in the EV space. They're empowering local garages and smaller shops with the knowledge and certification to work on electric vehicles, e

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GreenShortz DIY -

This cobb rocket stove has a makes hot water. By adding a 3/8 inch copper coil to this mud-based rocket stove, I am able to circulate water using a thermal siphon to heat a bucket of water. Part 2 of the video will be the creation of an o

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Little Aussie Rockets -

It's sooo good. Elegance and practicality combined to create an efficient water heater. Heated 80 litres of water from 30 C to 70 C in 1.2 hours. Probably one of my better looking and performing stoves and potentially could develop this into a laser