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Worlds Wealthiest People

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"We're Taking Things That Are Genetically Modified Organisms & We're Injecting Them Into Little Kids' Arms. We Just Shoot Them Right Into the Vein." - Gates + Is Gates Sun Dimming?

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The world's top 0.001% -- the ultra-wealthy-- and the modern empires they control -- Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Ag -- are not only responsible for destroying the planet and sending most of humanity into financial and health crises, they're inte

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Leading up to Sam Bankman-Fried's spectacular implosion - in which his firm FTX evaporated billions in wealth after the now-bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange allegedly commingled client assets with his trading firm into a liquidity crunch-

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After being caught on up in earlier controversy and pushback over his Russia-Ukraine peace proposal, resulting in a back-and-forth with the Pentagon over the status of public funding for SpaceX's satellite internet service Starlink, Elon Musk on Su

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The EU is set to take Malta to court over its scheme allowing wealthy foreigners to buy Maltese – and EU – citizenship for a costly fee. But buying citizenship and residence rights is a global trend among the super-wealthy that looks set to stay.

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In his early days, Rupert Murdoch offered promise and hope, but his media empire instead has diminished democratic life, writes John Menadue. What power always does is reveal.

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And how is it possible that he could emerge from his Twitter debacle more culturally dominant than ever?