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(Natural News) In the wonderful world of Los Angeles California, liberals are all about protecting the environment, the animals, and all the cute little creatures that roam the Earth. This is empathy, love and nurture traits that we all hope to

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WASHINGTON, D.C., July 2, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) - Pro-life Senator Rand Paul shocked listeners when he revealed that GOP Congressional leadership chose not to include a measure to defund Planned Parenthood in a spending bill because "we might win.

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The apathetic denial of heartless Leftists who claim that unborn babies are just random "clumps of cells," and that these "fetuses," as they love to call them, somehow don't feel pain when they're aborted, will never stamp out the ugly bu

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God will unleash fire and fury upon America...(Natural News) Defenseless, self-aware human babies and children are being systematically mutilated and murdered by the gleeful, demonic abortion advocates across America. In their acts of pure malice, th