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Education: Colleges and Universities

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Zero Hedge

Following a handful of landmark cases brought by the DoJ accusing colleges of unfairly disadvantaging Asian and White applicants, the Supreme Court has just decided to hear arguments that could result in it radically breaking with precedent to ban th

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International Man: Communist and socialist ideas are growing in popularity among the millennial and Gen Z generations. In fact, the majority of young people dislike capitalism and favor a more socialist or even a communist economic system.

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The former chair of Harvard University's chemistry department accused of hiding Chinese ties had admitted to taking tens of thousands of dollars from China, a video presented to the federal court on Dec. 17 shows.

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Fury as Old Dominion university REFUSES to fire trans professor who said pedophiles can't help their urges and should be given child sex dolls: Students and LGBTQA board slam 'reprehensible' views and 'baffling double standard' for woke staff

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President Biden is tub-thumping for Congress to create new federal handouts to make college free for the vast majority of students. But as Ryan McMaken and other commentators on have pointed out, college is vastly overpriced and overrated n

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President of St John's College in Annapolis who says universities treat professors as 'thought criminals' joins forces with 'thinkers', including Bari Weiss, to create NEW school 'dedicated to the fearless pursuit of truth'

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PIERS MORGAN: The woke destruction of a great educator should terrify every one of us – because these hysterical enemies of free speech are spreading beyond our colleges and destroying the foundations of American democracy