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BRICS doubled its membership at the start of 2024, and faces huge tasks ahead: integrating its newest members, developing future admission criteria, deepening the institution's groundings, and most importantly, launching the mechanisms for bypassing

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In the mid-term, nuclear power plants are considered by some experts to be the most efficient transitional solution for achieving global climate goals. Criticism is though levelled at the largely unresolved question of final storage and potential saf

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The viability of a currency change and the loss of "monetary sovereignty" are frequently discussed in the argument over dollarization in Argentina, but the most crucial aspect is sometimes overlooked: the peso is a failed currency. Due to the com

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August 23rd was a big news day all over the world. The western media's focus on the events of that day was solidly on the unproven claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin was behind the sabotage or shooting down of an executive jet that killed

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Donald Trump's legal troubles, the possibility that Joe Biden will face an impeachment inquiry, and other stories related to the upcoming presidential election, caused the American media to miss a story of potentially greater significance