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Technocrats who are obsessed with becoming aliens in the galaxy are turning to AI (think, HAL 9000) to operate all the technological systems required to keep fragile humans alive. Mars is their first major target. What could possibly go wrong? ? TN

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(Natural News) In the minds of most Americans, chemical warfare happens only on television and in movies, where evil terrorists and insidious dictators use chemical or biological weapons to kill enemy soldiers or innocent citizens, all in the name of

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End of the American Dream

So if you end up going to prison someday, it could be the evidence that is pulled out of your cellphone that ultimately puts you away. Of course most Americans never even consider that their own cellphones could be systematically gathering evidence

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Natural News by Rhonda Johansson

Garlic is a great example of a food whose symbolism and meaning are founded on facts. Ancient civilizations believed the odorous bulb to be a symbol of protection (be it from demons or vampires) and indeed, modern science is stating that garlic displ

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Two thousand, three hundred years ago, Alexander The Great was surveying his battlefield and drinking water from silver urns. He knew nothing about bacteria, but he knew that silver containers have a seemingly miraculous way of keeping water fresh.

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Virgin Orbit's Cosmic Girl took to the skies over Southern California on November 18, 2018 carrying a 70-ft-long (21-m) rocket for the first time. The specially modified 747-400 "flying launchpad" with the LauncherOne small-satellite booster under it

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After over a decade of development, the world's first full-body medical scanner has produced its first images. The groundbreaking imaging device is almost 40 times faster than current PET scans and can capture a 3D picture of the entire human body in